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Redefining Medicaid, Redesigning Care

Webinar by, Day Health Strategies, and Community Servings

Expert Roundtable on SDOH Innovation

More and more states are incorporating social determinants of health into Medicaid programs. But what does that mean, exactly? This webinar will help you map out your strategy around the biggest buzzword in healthcare — and help your team move beyond the hype and understand how to integrate food and housing supports and other non-medical services in the healthcare delivery system.

Key topics include:

  • State strategies for SDOH through 2020 and what CMS wants from you and your state's Medicaid leaders.
  • Best practices for ACOs, MCOs, and health systems partnering with social services and community-based organizations.
  • Case studies of provider/community partnerships that have successfully launched and scaled new models of care.

Roundtable experts:


Lisette Roman, MSc
Day Health Strategies


David Waters, MA
Community Servings


Ted Quinn, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder

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