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Community Platforms for Cross-Sector Collaboration

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 1:00 PM ET

The SDOH MasterClass Webinar Series from Activate Care teaches you how to take advantage of best practices, winning strategies, and cutting-edge tools for communities working to address SDOH.

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Community Platforms for Cross-Sector Collaboration: How To Make Policy, Workflow, and Data Work Together For Your End-Users
Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 1:00 PM ET

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, state officials and Medicaid leaders were making progress in their efforts to reform public healthcare programs, integrate health and social care systems, and reduce total costs of care. Amid the pressures of the pandemic (both human and financial), these reforms are more essential than ever before. 
Mark Elson and Keira Armstrong of Intrepid Ascent have supported technology adoption, workflow design, and data management on the ground in multiple communities pursuing cross-sector collaboration. Join them to hear the story of how California's Whole Person Care pilot - a $3 billion, multi-year Medicaid innovation demonstration - has impacted the lives of thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness, serious mental illness, and other challenges.
For innovators and on-the-ground change-makers, Mark and Keira will share practical guidance around:

  • How policy informs the design of integrated workflows, with implications for data governance, data exchange, and data analytics strategies.
  • Why the voice of the end-user is a critical input in any care redesign effort, and how to capture critical insights needed to succeed.


About the MasterClass Host: Mark Elson, PhD

As Principal of Intrepid Ascent, Mark leads our multi-disciplinary team and engages directly with client leadership to foster innovation at the intersection of technology, policy, and services design. Prior to founding Intrepid Ascent, Mark played a lead role in California’s implementation of federal programs to advance health IT. He received a BA from Stanford University and a PhD from the University of Chicago, serves on the Board and Executive Committee of the California Association of Health Information Exchanges, and regularly speaks on the uses of data to impact positive change.


About the MasterClass Host: Keira Armstrong, MPH

As a relationship builder and data translator, Keira brings together front-line service providers and technical implementers to develop effective programs and systems. Her project management, research, and analysis currently focus on cross-sector care collaboration for whole person care. Keira has extensive experience improving collaboration between physical health, behavioral health, and social services to better serve vulnerable members of our communities. She also leads research projects on the evolving role of technology in supporting best practices for care coordination and chronic disease management. Before joining Intrepid Ascent, Keira worked as a researcher and evaluator in a variety of settings, including qualitative and quantitative health promotion and disease prevention projects in Zimbabwe and Peru. Keira received her Master of Public Health in International Health Services from the University of Washington.


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