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The pandemic and economic downturn have tested I&R staff and organizations like never before. Even as the timeline to recovery remains uncertain, I&R leaders should think about how their organizations can thrive in the “new normal” of modern life with COVID-19.


United Way, 2-1-1, and I&R agencies are uniquely poised to tell the story of the needs of a community. In this open, interactive discussion, we will convene I&R professionals from across the country to exchange ideas around navigating the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and all its challenges, and to secure the resources needed to address every community's needs.



From harnessing data and technology to better serve people in need, to ensuring your organization is taking advantage of new funding opportunities, many I&R organizations are taking steps to ensure they can thrive in this new landscape.

Join us to learn, innovate, and be inspired - together.

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Activate Care reserves the right to limit participation to professionals from United Way, 2-1-1, and I&R agencies, and organizations that serve them in their work.


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Scott Pelrine

Activate Care
211 Market Director
& I/R Agency Champion

Dan Kamyck

Activate Care
Sr. Director, Marketing
& SDOH MasterClass Host


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