COVID-19 Response Platform


All of us at Activate Care are committed to doing everything we can to help combat the effects of this virus and save lives, so we are making our software available at no cost.

Designed in partnership with front-line clinicians and COVID-19 response leaders, our COVID-19 Response Platform includes pre-configured tools to track key data for each patient, coordinate care in your community, and report on outcomes.

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COVID-19 Toolkit



At Activate Care, we are on a mission to help the world act differently to achieve better health outcomes. In the midst of the current crisis, we see the efforts of countless care providers and caregivers across the country, and you have inspired us to do all that we can to help.

I want to personally invite you to join our network of people who are making a difference in communities across the country. You can request quick access to our COVID-19 Response Platform below.

Thanks for all you do, and I wish your team health during this period as we all work together to minimize the implications of this virus. It takes a community.

Ted Quinn
CEO and Co-Founder
Activate Care


Safer than Spreadsheets

Tracking data in spreadsheets and sharing via email attachments is extremely risky right now. We can eliminate that risk for you. Our COVID-19 Response Platform is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and used by leading organizations across the country.

Supported by our Experts in Boston

We have a team of 30+ public health and technology experts currently dedicated to helping you upgrade your COVID-19 processes. You will go through a streamlined on-boarding process with us. We can get you up and running in a couple of hours.

Designed with Clinicians and Emergency Responders

The COVID-19 Response Platform from Activate Care includes our full suite of community coordination, referral management, and data and analytics tools – pre-configured to support your community in responding to COVID-19, right now.


COVID-19 Data Tracking


Outreach Management Tools

For Community Coordination

We provide your team with the tracking and project management tools you need for creating a running log of interactions with each COVID-19 patient, including time tracking as needed.

Our team will also help you leverage our:

  • Embedded video visit capabilities via Zoom®
  • Shared care planning and task management
  • Community engagement support services

COVID-19 Data Tracking

For All Cases

We give you tools to track key data for each patient, such as COVID current status, test status, level of risk, date of most recent testing, and symptomatology. Your team can access these tools on any internet-connected device.

Your free data tracking tools include:

  • CDC criteria, risk level, and symptoms
  • PRAPARE screening for social needs
  • Standardized data fields for reporting


COVID-19 Outreach




It's easy to get started.


To be connected with one of our team members, please answer a few short questions below. We'll contact you to explain how to get started on the COVID-19 Response Platform.



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