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Your health information exchange faces unique challenges exchanging SDOH data to support coordinated care across your community. These challenges vary across states, regions, and populations.

This is why we are hosting a live, 30-minute platform demo on Dec. 9 at 2:00 PM ET to show you how Activate Care's cloud-based platform helps organizations just like yours achieve unique results.

In this HIE Deep Dive, you'll learn how to:

  • - Foster whole person care, especially for vulnerable populations
  • - Connect data to integrate services across health and social sectors
  • - Support stronger local information & referral networks

What's New in Care Coordination?

Activate Care powers the most innovative coordinated care interventions.

Activate Care partners with community health stakeholders to break down silos between organizations, with a cutting-edge solution that combines modern care coordination tools with nearly a decade of innovative experience in community health.
We’ve built out a platform infrastructure designed for stability and flexibility, outperforming other platforms on engagement, efficiency, and outcomes. Our culture of customer success unlocks sustainable care and reimbursement models for our diverse network of users.

Activate Care's Partners Include:




Meet the Presenters:


Nicole LaCasse


Dan Kamyck


Nicole LaCasse

Activate Care
Market Director

Dan Kamyck

Activate Care
Sr. Director, Marketing


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