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Activate Care is the only platform of its kind that has the ability to take in health-related data from any healthcare or social services system in your community, and turn that information into a personalized set of community-based interventions designed to support a person's whole set of medical, behavioral, and social needs.

This session will be of significant value to you if your organization or agency is new to Activate Care and our Screen-to-Intervene approach. Topics will include frequent use cases found in the healthcare and social services sectors - with special attention paid to what's happening in your own state - as well as how the CareHub™ platform and its integrations with other systems will:

  • - Connect teams of providers in your community around the patients and clients that you share in common.
  • - Exchange data across organizations like hospitals, local agencies, social services, 2-1-1 helplines, and more.
  • - Coordinate care and services in order to achieve and report outcomes and to continuously improve processes.

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Activate Care’s Screen-to-Intervene initiative is engaging communities in all fifty states in an effort to link these systems of care around the individual patient or client, rather than just the activities of the care coordinator or case manager.


Our evidence-based CareHub™ offering is the only technology proven to:

  • Help health and social service organizations collaborate for the collective benefit of the person being served, especially our most vulnerable neighbors
  • Exchange data from your community's efforts to “screen anywhere” across the ecosystem, combining data across health and social sectors in one shared record
  • Link all the teams in your community together to “intervene everywhere” to meet a person’s whole set of medical and physical, behavioral health, and social service needs


Meet the Presenters:


Brooke Heaadshot Circle


Jack Santacroce


Brooke Sabia

Activate Care
Market Development Representative

Jack Santacroce

Activate Care
Market Development Representative


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